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//01. Name:katieeight

//02. Place of Residence:providence

//03. Age:24

//04. Favorite 80s Bands:b-52's,pat benetar,human league,dio,etc etc.

//05. Favorite 80s Look (i.e. The Madonna Look, Flock of Seagulls look, the punk look):punk meets valley girl.

//06. Favorite 80s Movie:heathers.

//07. What would you say your best quality is: my sick fashion mistakes

//08. How do you feel about the 80s revolution:good shit indeedy.

//09. Gender:female.

//10. Screen name:think_electric

//11. What are some magazines that you have a subscription to:mass appeal, readers digest,jane, in touch

//12. Do you love this community and can't wait to be accepted?: Oh Yes!!!

//13. Will you promote your ass off if you are accepted: Fuck yes ma'am/sir.

//14. Do you have any suggestions for the well being of this community?:no. just keep on keeping on.

//15. Would you change anything about the community or layout?:Nah. I dig it.

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