xXxanchorstonexXx (forgetthelives) wrote in epitomeof_80s,

//01. Name: bryan huddleston
//02. Place of Residence: at my mother's home
//03. Age: 16 years of age
//04. Favorite 80s Bands: flock of seagulls, the cars, the cure, iron madien, bowie
//05. Favorite 80s Look (i.e. The Madonna Look, Flock of Seagulls look, the punk look): flock of sea gulls for sure
//06. Favorite 80s Movie: ahh....breakfast club
//07. What would you say your best quality is: im nice and i can make you laugh
//08. How do you feel about the 80s revolution: i believe it was revolutionary because thats when people dressed the way they felt and expressed their feelings through diffrent types of music
//09. Gender: male
//10. Screen name: goodbye stephen5
//11. What are some magazines that you have a subscription to: i have no subscriptions
//12. Do you love this community and can't wait to be accepted?: i do and i actually really want to be accepted
//13. Will you promote your ass off if you are accepted: i'll do my best! :)
//14. Do you have any suggestions for the well being of this community?: nope, doing just fine
//15. Would you change anything about the community or layout?: no way, looks awesome
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